How to make sure your children get better on the go with new iPhone 6S Plus features

With Apple’s latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones coming to the United States in just two weeks, parents are anxiously awaiting their new phones.

But with the newest iPhone’s new design, they may not have to wait too long.

As you probably already know, the iPhone 6s Plus features an iPhone 6 design and a 5.5-inch screen that’s just over 1,000 pixels in size.

That means it has a bigger screen than the iPhone 5s.

The iPhone 6 is also the first smartphone to feature an all-metal design, which is a step up from the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 design.

The aluminum chassis and the metal-like curves are a departure from Apple’s past iPhone design.

In addition to its large display, the new iPhone features a large, all-glass home button and a new, larger fingerprint scanner that’s much easier to use than previous models.

The phone also includes a 3,000mAh battery that has been designed for faster charging.

With this, the phones’ battery life can be extended to eight hours and 25 minutes of standby time.

The iPhone 6 also comes with dual SIM cards and dual-camera sensors for a more-than-capable camera.

Finally, the phone’s all-new camera system is a major step forward from the previous models, and it features new software features like HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography, which allows the iPhone to shoot in high-resolution color.

In the meantime, the company is also rolling out new features for older iPhones.

The new iPhone includes a few new camera features, like the FaceTime HD camera that offers a new way to capture and share photos.

The company also released a new video feature called Apple Music, which offers users a curated collection of music.

The new iPhone is the first iPhone to come with a new FaceTime feature that lets users take photos with their friends and family.

And the new video is now available in the U.S. and Canada.

Finally with the iPhone’s release comes the new HomeKit platform, which lets developers create home automation systems using the new smartphone’s sensors and the new home button.

HomeKit allows developers to build the software into the home network of an iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Mac and control the lights, door locks, thermostats, locks and more.

The newest iPhone also includes new camera sensors for FaceTime video recording and a “SmartGlass” camera that will let users take videos on the new smartphones’ OLED displays.

Apple also announced that it is working on an iOS app that lets parents control their child’s personal devices through the home.

The most exciting feature of the new iPhones is the “Siri” voice assistant that will work alongside the iPhone.

Siri is a voice assistant which is capable of speaking directly to users.

The latest iPhone will have a new Siri feature that will give parents the ability to access their children’s apps and messages via the Siri assistant.

Apple is also introducing new iPhone-specific accessories.

Apple Watch is now coming with new bands that come with new faces.

Apple Pencil is coming in the form of a stylus that’s also available in an accessory form that allows parents to add it to their existing iPhone accessories.

Apple also announced a new iPad Pro that will offer a much-improved camera that can shoot 4K video.

This is the latest version of the iPad that has a 4K screen, making it a great device for filming videos and taking selfies.

Apple said it is also adding new iOS apps that will allow parents to control their devices through Siri and other apps.

Apple is also bringing an Apple TV app to the App Store that allows users to control Apple TV through their smartphone.

Apple will also be offering a new app called HomeKit to let parents control the home of their child through a home network and the latest iPhone.


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