How to sync with Google Play games on iOS and Android

With the Apple Pay and Android app, it’s now possible to sync your PlayStation 4, PS Vita or Nintendo Switch games across your home and mobile devices.

The feature, which works with PlayStation 4s and PS Vitas, was first announced back in February 2016 and was rolled out with a patch in March this year.

As with all the other PlayStation 4 and PS Vita titles on the App Store, the sync feature works by first checking a “Sync” box in the app, which appears on the Home screen, and then clicking the sync button at the bottom of the screen.

When you click the sync link, a new list of compatible games will appear in the system tray.

This is the same list you’ll find in the PS4 and PSVita store.

If you click one of the compatible titles you’ll be asked to authenticate to play the game and then be shown the list of available compatible games.

You can sync your PS4 games to Android devices using a new Android app that launched this week, Sync Vita.

You can also sync your Vita games to your Android devices from your home computer using a desktop or laptop computer.

There are two ways to sync games: using the PSN app, or through an Android device.

You can sync the PS3 games you own to your phone or tablet via the PS Vita app.

Sync PlayStation 4 games using the PlayStation appOnce you have the app installed on your phone, head to the app and then select the Sync PlayStation 4 title that you want to sync.

From there, the app will automatically send a sync request to the PS app.

This is what happens on the PlayStation App:The sync request will ask you to authenticating and you will then be redirected to the Sync PS Vita title in the list that appears at the top of the home screen.

From there, you can click the Sync button to sync the game.

The app will then check the list and then send the request to your PS Vita.

Sync your PlayStation Vita games using a computerThis is where things get a little tricky.

From the Home Screen, click the “Sync Games” button and you’ll see a list of all the PS5 and PS5s you own.

Once you’ve added them all to your library, you will see a new section at the right side of the HomeScreen called “Playback Devices”.

Tap one of these to see what devices are currently playing your PS5 or PS5 games.

Select a device and then click the button to start playing the game from the list.

You’ll need to authentify to play games using either your PSN account or by entering your credentials in the Sync Devices screen, as the process will ask for your PS username and password.

Then, after the sync is complete, the game will appear on your device in your library.

Once the sync completes, you’ll need the Sync Vita app to re-sync your games using your phone.

From the app’s home screen, tap the Sync device button, and you can now choose a new PS5 game and start playing.

And from there, sync your games between your PS3 and PS4 devices using your PC.

Sync PS Vita games with an Android phoneThe same process will work for both PS Vita and PS VR games.

From your phone’s Home Screen (or the same app that’s currently open), tap the “Play Back” button.

This will then open the “Back Up” screen.

The Sync Vita game will be placed in the “backup” section, and will be displayed at the very top of your library as a separate device.

You should be able to sync these games on both devices, and sync your devices without needing to authentate.

The PS Vita is compatible with iOS and OS X as well as Android.


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