What you need to know about the new CVS pharmacy in Chicago

A new C-Store in Chicago may be new, but it’s not the first new pharmacy to open.

In fact, the store that opened last fall in the city’s Englewood neighborhood is already one of the citys largest, and it already has a reputation for its high-quality and timely customer service.

CVS Health plans to open two new stores this year in Chicago, the first of which will open on Oct. 19.

Here are a few things to know: Who is the new store? 

The new CSPC CVS Chicago is slated to be the city s largest and busiest CVS, according to the Chicago Business Journal.

It will be the first CVS to open in the nation with a national distribution.

The new CVC is the first store to be built in Chicago since the pharmacy opened in the late 1990s. 

How long will the store be open? 

CVS Health is planning to open the new location from Nov. 18 to Dec. 16, the Business Journal reported.

The store is expected to be open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., with a typical Saturday-Sunday wait of about four hours. 

Where will the new pharmacy be located? 

Inside the CVS store will be a pharmacy, which CVS describes as a “superstore,” according to Chicago Business.

It includes a large display area, as well as a pharmacy lounge area, a large checkout and a large pharmacy door area. 

What about the store’s signage? 

There are many signs for the CSPCs Chicago and Engleward locations, according the Chicago Tribune.

For example, the sign for the Englebrook store includes the word CVS on the sign outside. 

Will there be a discount? 

While the store will offer a discount, the CVC will not be offering a discount on drugs, according CVS.

Instead, the new stores will be offering discounts on supplies and services, such as pharmacy refill cards, pharmacy services and health education. 

Is the store open for the holidays? 

Yes, CVS will be open on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day, according Chicago Business and the Chicago Sun Times. 

Why is CVS changing the store name? 

As of this writing, CSPCA spokesperson Nicole Dickson said in a statement, the name of the new new CMPC is being changed to CVS Chicagoland. 

“The CVS name is not the CMPCA’s.

We recognize CVS is a leader in the delivery of compassionate, quality care and it is the CMA’s policy to maintain the integrity of our supply chain, which includes CVS,” Dickson told Business Insider. 

Can I still purchase drugs from the new locations? 

No, the only drug that can be purchased from the CLP store will go to people who are enrolled in CSPs Medicare Advantage plans. 

Do you have a question about CVS? 

We welcome your questions about the CVMC and the CFPC.

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