Which major players in U.S. auto industry are now in the firing line?

The U.N. agency has issued a report warning that a lack of safety regulations and a lack on technology have allowed some of the largest carmakers in the world to run wild, dumping more toxic substances into the environment than in any other country on earth.

The agency’s top official, the U.K. Environment Agency, has also warned that the world’s most dangerous automakers are not properly testing their products, or they are simply not paying attention.

The report released Tuesday warns that while some automakers are moving to better safeguard their vehicles, others are not doing enough to keep up.

And it says that the industry is still far behind countries such as the United States, which has taken steps to put strict safety standards in place.

“The U.U.N.’s assessment indicates that many major carmakers, in spite of their efforts, are still not adequately testing their vehicles or implementing safety measures, even as other countries have significantly improved the standards for their own models,” said Daniel LeBoeuf, the chief executive of the agency, in a statement.

“The U of N. continues to find that the U of A. and other countries do a better job than others of ensuring that their vehicles meet the safety requirements of the international standard.”

The report notes that while the U, U.B. and AB brands have improved in recent years, some brands, including Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Ford and General Motors, have been caught up in regulatory infighting.

It warns that there is no clear pathway to get rid of companies like Toyota, Nissan, Volkswagen and Mazda, which are all listed in the report as having the highest concentrations of lead and cadmium.

“These automakers have become major contributors to global environmental destruction through their toxic use of mercury and other toxic metals,” LeBueuf said.

“This underscores the urgent need for the UU to ensure that the standards they adopt are based on sound science, not based on politics or market power.”

While the report did not call out any particular companies, it did say that the United Kingdom was at the top of the list of the most toxic automakers.

In the United states, GM has been linked to several deadly accidents in the past, including the 2013 crash of a passenger car and the 2013 killing of two teenage boys.GM’s emissions tests in the United Arab Emirates were found to have been “inadequate” and the company has been slapped with a $25 million fine in India.

And the company also faces several lawsuits in the U and other jurisdictions.

Meanwhile, the report found that automakers were doing a poor job of reducing the levels of certain toxic chemicals they use.

For example, a 2013 investigation found that Volkswagen had dumped thousands of tons of lead, cadmias and heavy metals into the Gulf of Mexico in order to improve its diesel engines.

The pollution has caused a public health crisis in the Gulf, which includes the deaths of at least 40 people and thousands of other illnesses.

The UBS report also said that while most major automakers are making efforts to increase vehicle pollution controls, they have not taken a “strong enough” stance on emissions control technologies that have the potential to reduce emissions.

In fact, the industry has been slow to adopt technology to control the amount of particulate matter in the air, which can cause lung damage and asthma attacks.

Ahead of the UBS study, the German auto maker, Daimler AG, said it would take measures to improve vehicle emissions controls.

The company said it has a plan to increase the emissions of diesel vehicles, but that it needs more time to implement it.


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