How to stop hackers from stealing your information

This week, the European Parliament’s top lawyer has called for stronger encryption standards in Europe.

The European Commission wants to make it harder for criminals to break into people’s computers, which could give criminals an advantage in the future.

This could mean a tougher standard that’s more easily enforced and more resistant to hacks, according to Jean-Luc Haesle of the European Commission’s Digital Rights and Privacy (DRIP) Working Group.

The EC wants the Commission to adopt the same rules for personal data that companies have to follow for their own customers.

But the rules don’t require companies to have the capability to decrypt the data once it’s encrypted, Haesel told the European Pressphoto Agency.

“This could mean that, in future, it could be possible to hack the computer of a consumer and obtain access to that data without the customer knowing it,” he said.

Haesle is calling on Europe to implement strong encryption for personal information.

In the United States, the FBI is trying to force Apple to break encryption on the iPhone of an accused murderer.

The FBI claims the iPhone is being used to help him commit murder.

Apple says that it has built strong encryption into the device.

If Apple is forced to provide Apple customers with a backdoor to the device, it will be easier for hackers to break in.

Apple said it was not forced to do so by the FBI.

“Apple is a company that believes in the importance of security, which is why we continue to fight for strong encryption,” said Lisa Jackson, Apple’s senior vice president for global security, in a statement.

“We are committed to continuing to work with government agencies and law enforcement to make the best use of encryption technology in our products and services.”

Apple also said it is working with the government to provide better security and data privacy protections to its customers.

The EU Parliament’s Digital Agenda, a panel that advises the European Union government, will discuss the issue this week.

It wants the EC to consider adopting a standard that would require companies, rather than consumers, to be able to unlock data.

The EC is currently considering the proposal, according the European Journalists Union.

“The EC’s proposal will strengthen the ability of law enforcement and intelligence services to use encryption technology to protect against crime,” Haesl said in a news release.


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