Which Plants Will Be the Best for Your Climate?


— The next time you’re in Florida, take a minute to reflect on the diversity of plants in its state, and ask yourself this question: Which plants will be the best for your climate?

Coral reefs are home to many of Florida’s most important species, including the endangered American white sand turtle, which is listed as critically endangered.

And the state’s most famous tree is a native species, the Atlantic pine tree.

So what plants can you grow in Florida?

As for the species that are most suited to your climate, here are 10 plants that can grow in the Sunshine State.

Climber: Pine trees (Pinus alba), the Atlantic and American white pine, can grow up to 10 feet (3 meters) tall.

Plants to Grow: The white sand turtles are a common species in the state, but are usually found in the tropical region, where they are easy to grow.

Flowering: A native plant that thrives in the humid climate of Florida, the Carolina palm is a shade-bearing tree native to Florida’s humid subtropics.

The palm is also a favorite for growers looking to shade their plants and for people who enjoy a fresh, cool scent.

Mudland: The Florida marshes are home for the endangered African pike, which has been classified as critically underthreated.

Native to Florida, this tropical species can grow from as little as two feet (0.7 meters) to eight feet (2 meters).

Lemon: This citrus tree can grow to eight inches (20 centimeters) tall, and can produce edible fruits, such as limes.

Bonsai: There are a few types of bonsai trees in Florida.

The most common are American chestnut and black cherry, both native to the state. 

The American chestnuts are native to northern Florida and southern Georgia, while the black cherries are native and hardy to Florida.

Both can grow as tall as 6 feet (1 meter) tall and produce fruits of all sizes.

Treehouses: The state has plenty of options for treehouses, including a treehouse that is located at the foot of the ocean.

Stump trees (Anubias bicolor), a genus of palm trees, can also grow to about 6 feet tall (1.3 meters).

They are native in the central and eastern United States, but also thrive in tropical and subtropical regions.

Lambs: Lambs, like most trees, are native only to South America.

But like most species, they are easily grown in Florida and are known for their delicious meat and meat-like flavor.

Parsley: This perennial shrub is found in coastal Florida, and is native to Central and South America and the Caribbean.

Trees that are native: The common and ornamental trees are native, but they can also be found throughout the state and have a variety of uses.

Gardeners who want to grow a variety can use these native plants to grow perennials.

If you’re a gardener, it can be fun to try different plantings in your garden.


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