Penang: Penang residents protest against building of $1 billion condo building

Penang has been rocked by protests by residents demanding the government provide them with more affordable housing.

Residents of Penang’s suburbs, like the rest of the country, are facing a housing crisis with the shortage of affordable homes in Penang.

The demand for housing in Penag is a result of the Penang government’s policy to develop Penang into a modern city and the city’s high density of highrise and multi-storey buildings.

“The government needs to come up with solutions for the Penag problem, especially to make housing affordable for all Penangans, including low-income and medium-income people,” said the rally in front of the government offices in Penan and Penang City.

The protesters also demand that the government improve infrastructure, increase the amount of public transport, improve public transport and improve education, healthcare and social welfare services.

They also demand the government invest in infrastructure projects in Penangan and the surrounding areas, like upgrading the city centre, improving Penang schools and improving the public transport system.

They also want the government to improve Penang to make it a modern urban and promote better health, sanitation and education, the rally said.

It is also expected that the protests will continue throughout the day.

While the Penan residents have been demanding that the building be completed in time, the protesters have been staging a sit-in on the government’s official Facebook page since the rally started.

In their latest protest, the Penangan residents also demanded that the city council be given the right to approve the project.

However, the residents have not taken up the sit-ins, so the government has not allowed them to proceed with the construction of the project and they have not been allowed to hold a protest, said the protesters.

A large number of residents also turned up to the rally and blocked traffic, including the main road, forcing the authorities to issue a public warning, according to local media.


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