What is a PPC (Product Platform) and what does it look like?

When you want to build a mobile app that is going to be great for your business, you need to create a platform, or a set of technologies, to bring that app to market.

In this article, we’ll take a look at a new PPC product called Sem.

In the first article, you learned about the PPC framework, and how it fits into the Apple iOS ecosystem.

Now we’ll dive into the Sem platform itself, what makes it so special, and what you can expect from it going forward.

Sem is a platform for building iOS apps and web applications that runs on top of the PSC (Platform Security Controller).

A PSC is a collection of security controls that help prevent attacks that might break into your app or app data.

As a PSC, it’s responsible for making sure that all the code that runs inside your app is safe and that you can’t do something malicious.

The Sem PSC framework is also designed to be easy to get started with.

It’s based on the Java platform that you’re familiar with, but the Sem framework is written entirely in C++.

That means that it’s a language that you already know.

You just need to learn the basics of the language to get going.

Sem is a C++/Java-based framework that includes everything you need in an iOS application: the main app code, the iOS app’s source code, and the application data.

Sem provides a set.framework that includes the basic structure and interfaces for the main components of your application.

There are two main ways to use Sem: you can use it as a standalone project to start from scratch, or you can bundle it up into a larger app that can be used in the same way that the main application code is used.

There’s also a bundle option that lets you choose from the many pre-built bundle libraries for your app.

Once you’re ready to use the Sem PPC platform, you can start building apps that use it.

If you’re building a single-app bundle, you’ll be able to install the Sem bundle libraries, run the main apps in the bundle, and then create new bundles to run the rest of the apps in your app’s stack.

For more information on Sem, see our Sem for iOS article.

Sem’s primary feature is the Sem-core framework.

The Sem-Core framework includes a set,core classes that allow developers to create new, custom classes for their apps.

You can also use Sem’s new, integrated framework architecture for your own applications.

The core classes are just a set that you use to build the components of a Sem application.

Sem doesn’t have any special syntax or language bindings for these classes.

You simply create new classes and use them to build your own application, which is exactly what you need.

Sem has an SDK for the Sem Core framework that lets developers build new applications for the framework.

But you can also build your applications from source code.

To use this approach, you just have to write your own custom classes that you need for your application and embed them into the framework itself.

You’ll need a development environment to do this, but you can get started right away.

Sem includes a build tool that lets developer use their own build tools for building applications.

In fact, if you want a complete toolset for building apps, you should get your hands on Sem’s IDE.

Sem offers two different build systems: the built-in Visual Studio 2015 IDE, and Sem’s own build tool, called SemBuild.

The built-ins of the built in IDE are pretty straightforward.

Just click on the build menu, and it’ll open up a developer console with the Sem build system running.

This is a simple console that allows you to see what the build system is doing, what libraries are used to build and what components are built in each of these.

You get to see the full build system right from the IDE itself.

If your build system isn’t working right for you, you might want to check out the Sem Build tool, which includes a number of additional features.

Sem Build is built in a way that is both efficient and easy to use.

To build your application, you simply add classes to your project using Sem Build’s built-into-your-project builder, and that builder generates all the necessary files to be included in your project.

In addition, you get access to the built files so you can easily modify the build tools.

For example, you could use the built build tool to add a new component to your application using the built classes you’ve created.

Then, you’re done!

You can then publish the build as a release to the app store, or to the App Store, where it can be downloaded by anyone to build their own applications, so that they can take advantage of Sem’s built build


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