When Donald Trump becomes president: Here are some of his biggest achievements

The president-elect has vowed to push for legislation that would protect workers in America’s manufacturing sector from wage theft, which has been a big problem in the US for decades.

Trump’s first executive order on the topic, issued on Monday, is the most comprehensive protectionist measure he has promised to push through Congress.

The executive order, which was signed by Trump, says that it is a violation of the Constitution for US employers to pay low wages or to coerce workers into working for free, or to deny them health insurance.

Trump’s order was designed to address the threat of wage theft.

It would allow employers to claim wage theft when a worker’s wages are low, or if they have been working under low pay for too long.

“The president-Elect has called for a permanent ban on employers in America from paying workers less than the minimum wage,” the White House said in a statement.

“This ban would protect the right of American workers to make wages and hours competitive with other workers in the United States.”

The new order also provides protections to workers who work in factories and other industries where there is a shortage of skilled workers.

It does not cover all of the companies that employ workers in manufacturing, including those that employ thousands of people on temporary contracts.

The order does not require companies to notify workers of their rights, but it does prohibit them from retaliating against them.

It is unclear whether the order would be effective in protecting workers in those industries, or whether the new protections would have the desired effect of protecting workers who might otherwise be vulnerable to wage theft and other abuses.

The Trump administration has been pushing hard for legislation to enact legislation protecting workers from wage-cutting.

It has argued that this type of wage-hiring is common in manufacturing and has been documented by independent investigations by the Congressional Research Service and the Government Accountability Office.

But the Trump administration’s proposals to protect workers from unfair labor practices and unfair taxation were met with stiff resistance from unions and business groups.

Trump has also pledged to crack down on companies that hire undocumented workers, which is often used as a way to force workers to work on the minimum-wage jobs they earn, as well as to ensure that the cost of providing them with health care is covered.

Trump also promised to repeal the North American Free Trade Agreement, which Trump has said he would scrap entirely, though the agreement includes protections for workers in Mexico, Canada and the US.

“I will end the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

We are going to get rid of NAFTA, and we’re going to bring back jobs and we are going have a trade war,” Trump said at a rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Saturday.”

We’re going into the WTO.

We’re going after China and we have the WTO, and it’s going to be the best trade war ever, and the WTO is going to work.”


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