5 ways to keep your dog safe while on the go

In the United States, a dog may be required to wear a collar to keep him or her under control.

If you or your pet are in a situation where you or a friend may be injured or killed, you should follow these steps to keep yourself and your pet safe while traveling or in transit.


Keep your pet’s collar and harness in a secure location.

Always keep the collar on at all times and keep your pet wearing it at all hours of the day and night.

Never allow your pet to wear it while on a flight.

You should also wear a leash while traveling.

If your pet is wearing a leash, it should be securely fastened and attached to the collar.

If it is not, it is a serious violation of the Animal Welfare Act.

Keep the collar and leash in the same location throughout the trip.


Wear a leash to a destination.

You can also wear an attached leash while in transit to a location that your pet has permission to go to.

Make sure the collar is attached securely to the leash.

If a leash is not attached to your pet, the animal can slip through your fingers and into a pocket or bag.

You may have to remove your hands from the collar if your pet starts to climb or jump onto the ground.


Do not walk your dog without a leash.

Walking without a collar may cause your dog to slip, run over or injure another animal.

Wear the leash as a security measure to help protect your pet.

Keep in mind that dogs are not capable of self-control, and it is up to you to be responsible and considerate when traveling.


Keep a safe distance between you and your dog.

You and your companion should keep a safe and distance between themselves.

It is best to walk in a safe direction, away from vehicles, and close to other people or animals.


Be alert for other pets.

While you may not see your pet walking, it’s a good idea to be alert for any animal that might be nearby.

Do you see a dog playing?

Are you hearing noises?

Watch for any other pets that may be nearby or in the area.

If they are not there, call the police.


Stay close to your dog and your companions.

Dogs need to be close to you and have a safe place to go, but you can also stay with them at home.

Make a plan to go out with your pet or go for a walk or to meet someone special.

Do this safely, and remember that your dog is in your care.

Your pet will feel comfortable with you if you give him or herself the same respect as a human, so make sure that they feel comfortable being with you.


Keep up your communication.

Do what you can to maintain a positive relationship with your dog or with other people you interact with.

You must be willing to communicate and keep an eye on your dog, including your phone.

The same rules apply to your companions, so if you are going out with someone, make sure to communicate with them, too.

If something goes wrong, call 911 or go to your local emergency shelter.


Do your research.

It’s important to remember that dogs can be very aggressive.

Do a little research to determine if your dog’s behavior is normal and if it’s necessary for you to take action.


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