The 5 Biggest Changes to Your Company’s Google Ads Program for 2019

The company has been working with Google to overhaul its ad platform, which includes ads that appear to be paid for, but the company is looking to make sure that ads are free for all.The overhaul includes: Adding more types of ads to the platform including personalized, in-store, and social ad networks to help advertisers […]

The latest

from FourFour Two article 4,700 customers have purchased the 4,000 kW (6,200 hp) helium-filled turbine used to generate electricity at the South Australian Power Networks (SAPN) PNP roofing project, which is being developed by a consortium of industry and government partners.The turbines are used at APNS and the state government has a contract with APNS […]

Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway says Amazon is a ‘profound threat’ to the US economy

President Donald Trump’s longtime adviser Kelly Conway told CNBC on Wednesday that Amazon is “a profound threat to the United States economy.”The Wall Street Journal reported that Conway said that the internet giant has grown so much in the last decade that “anyone can go to Amazon and buy anything.”She also said Amazon’s business model […]

The Trump Administration’s “fake news” problem: A guide to what the president has been saying

A new administration has a problem with “fake” news.The New York Times published a story on Tuesday alleging that the Trump administration has been “trying to suppress the information that we have about Russian interference in the election and the president’s relationship with Putin.”The story, which was based on a briefing provided by a former […]

NFLPA says players will receive benefits in return for restructuring

The NFLPA has released a statement that players will get $1,000 in pension benefits for each year they were on the PUP list and $10,000 per year in deferred compensation for those who played in less than 10 years.Article 3 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement gives players a severance package worth $1.5 million per year […]

How Amazon’s latest strategy is disrupting the PC industry

Amazon, Google and other tech giants have joined forces to make a push to drive down the price of PC components and services.Key points:Amazon has teamed up with PC makers to offer cheaper PC componentsAmazon has launched a partnership with PC maker Cooler Master to sell PC casesAmazon is offering a 10 per cent discount […]

Why Facebook is going dark and why you should too

Brighton, Ohio — A few months ago, the Facebook office was a dark, claustrophobic, and crowded space with only two people inside.But recently, a few dozen of the world’s top tech and digital marketers are coming together to make Brighton a better place to work, work and play.The meeting took place at a local cafe, […]

When you have to get the best price out of your pc campaign management software

As the PC market has been facing massive growth in recent years, the market share of PC sales has decreased significantly.According to a report by the Software and Devices Research Institute, the PC sales share declined to 49% in 2019.The PC market, which is one of the fastest growing segments in the industry, has seen […]


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