How to make sure your PC can handle the next-gen versions of RTE and PPVC (PS4, XB1)

RTE’s PS4 Pro version is now available to download and play on PS4, PS4 Slim, and PS4. The game has now officially launched, and while it may not be available for everyone right now, it will eventually become available. We’ve already tested it on our PS4 and PSVR-equipped PS4 owners, and it seems to be stable and […]

The price of perfection: Why the world needs bear perkins to keep pace with the latest gadgets

The world’s appetite for gadgets is a sign of economic stagnation, but the bear perkin is the new king of the smartwatch.The bear perks offer a high-end alternative to Apple Watch.The Bear-Perkin Watch, as it’s known, can be worn in either a ring or bracelet, and it also comes with a dedicated software platform that […]

What is a PPC (Product Platform) and what does it look like?

When you want to build a mobile app that is going to be great for your business, you need to create a platform, or a set of technologies, to bring that app to market.In this article, we’ll take a look at a new PPC product called Sem.In the first article, you learned about the PPC […]

Google, Apple, Microsoft face antitrust charges over antitrust claims

Google Inc., Apple Inc., Microsoft Corp., and other technology companies are accusing one another of colluding to suppress competition in the mobile market by blocking apps that compete with Google’s Android software.The suits, filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in San Francisco, accuse Microsoft of conspiring with Apple to prevent competition by making its apps […]

Why the $400 P85+ will outperform the $1,500 PS4 Pro in the first month of release

The PlayStation 4 Pro has already won us over with its incredible visuals and powerful new AI tech, but the company is planning on making a lot more of its hardware available for purchase over the coming months.The next month will see the launch of both the $600 PS4 and $700 PS4 Slim, which are […]

When should you consider purchasing a pepc chart?

If you’re still undecided on buying a pepsc chart for your football training or training gear, you’re not alone.Here are some tips to help you make the right decision. The chart is also available in two different colors, green and blue, which are a good thing because you can use either one to complement your training […]

How to use a cheap battery to power your electric car

A $20,000 battery with a little under a year of life is a great investment.But if you’re planning to drive a car in the future, you should be looking at some serious battery-powered options to replace your old ones.These are the five best electric vehicles for a battery-electric vehicle.5.Nissan Leaf with Leaf Connector and Leaf […]


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