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‘The ultimate game changer’: What’s next for the internet of things?

Posted October 21, 2019 15:18:16The internet of stuff is going to change the world.It’s a phenomenon that is shaping up to be a major new force in our lives.The technology behind it is changing everything.And it’s not all bad.But there are plenty of issues that need addressing and some of them are coming from outside […]

The new definition of ‘prosperity’ for the industry

The International Monetary Fund has published a new definition for the term ‘proposition’ that should help economists and investors interpret the data they are collecting.It will help them to better understand the potential impact of policies and to better predict the future of a particular industry or country.The IMF has long used the term to […]

Amazon ppc Management: Deal on $600M deal is worth $600 million management has announced it is offering a $600m buyout of the company’s $1.3 trillion-dollar business in a deal that could fetch the online retailer a tidy $1 billion.Management says it will buy back the company from its owners for $3.5 billion.Amazon said the deal would value the company at $2.5 trillion, which is slightly […]

Google, Bing and to combine to boost online ads in 2019

BING (NYSE:BING) is planning to partner with Google to provide ad-free browsing in 2020, the company announced Wednesday.The new partnership, which includes Bing, Amazon and other major online retailers, is part of the push to improve Google’s search and search-related services for consumers.Google said in a blog post that the new partnership would also support […]

How to Save Synch in 2019, How to Win Synch 2017

Synch, the world’s first premium video service, is shutting down its operations, with Synch CEO Alex Berenson saying that it has lost enough customers to make it financially unviable to continue.The company was founded in 2013 and has raised more than $100 million from private investors including Mark Cuban, Warren Buffett and Tom Perkins, as […]

How to make your bank account look more impressive with Google Analytics

Google is getting ready to unveil a new way to track the behaviour of its customers with a new tool called “Google Analytics”.Google has been quietly working on a new dashboard tool that will help them to better understand the behaviour and trends of users.Google Analytics, a tool that lets users analyse data for their […]


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