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How Amazon’s latest strategy is disrupting the PC industry

Amazon, Google and other tech giants have joined forces to make a push to drive down the price of PC components and services.Key points:Amazon has teamed up with PC makers to offer cheaper PC componentsAmazon has launched a partnership with PC maker Cooler Master to sell PC casesAmazon is offering a 10 per cent discount […]

Amazon and Microsoft to combine to control $500 billion in investments

The merger between Amazon and the new Microsoft is expected to give the online retail giant a controlling stake in the $500 trillion market for cloud computing services, according to people familiar with the matter.Amazon and Microsoft are expected to finalize the deal next week and begin talks to finalizing the deal within the next […]

IBM announces 10% reduction in workforce in India to cope with growing threat of ransomware

New research from IBM suggests the company will cut more than 50,000 staff in India and move production of its flagship chip unit to China.The announcement came at the end of a two-day event in Bengaluru to discuss its strategy and to highlight its new strategy of moving manufacturing of its processors to China in […]

How to use the latest code review tool to get code reviews in the pipeline Independent

The latest code reviews and bug fixes in Linux and other Unix-based operating systems are being submitted to the Linux kernel source code repository for review, according to a new report.The Linux Kernel Security Engineering Group, which monitors and helps develop kernel code for the Linux operating system, says that more than 2,500 patches submitted […]

How to replace your old Power Supply with a newer one with all the features you need

I don’t often recommend buying new power supplies because I think the prices are always too high and I find that the quality of the components is inferior. But, in a time when many PC builders are using cheap components, a new high-end power supply can often be the only way to keep your PC running […]

How to buy an IBM Switch, the next step in the IBM Synchrony Bank revolution

Posted by Business Insider on Wednesday, June 29, 2018 08:53:48IBM Switch is now the first major computer company to switch to a proprietary, proprietary ledger system, called PPC, as it expands its own line of banking products.IBM has been one of the biggest players in the global banking space, but its Synchronity Bank has long […]

Why Facebook is going dark and why you should too

Brighton, Ohio — A few months ago, the Facebook office was a dark, claustrophobic, and crowded space with only two people inside.But recently, a few dozen of the world’s top tech and digital marketers are coming together to make Brighton a better place to work, work and play.The meeting took place at a local cafe, […]

What will Amazon do to get customers back to Amazon Prime?

What will be the most significant changes in Amazon’s business plan for the next five years?How will Amazon compete with Apple, Google, Microsoft and other companies that have become major players in the home technology market?In the wake of Amazon’s announcement last week that it is ending its relationship with HomeKit, the question of who […]


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