The 5 Biggest Changes to Your Company’s Google Ads Program for 2019

The company has been working with Google to overhaul its ad platform, which includes ads that appear to be paid for, but the company is looking to make sure that ads are free for all.The overhaul includes: Adding more types of ads to the platform including personalized, in-store, and social ad networks to help advertisers […]

What you need to know about Google AdWords 2.0

Google has announced that it is going to start offering its AdWords software for the first time in the UK in April 2019.This will be the first software update for AdWords since Google introduced it to the UK a few years ago.In the US, Google’s AdWords for Business suite is the main competitor to Microsoft’s […]

When Google’s adwords sales skyrocket, a new startup tries to disrupt ad industry with ads for your smartphones

Updated October 24, 2018 12:06:20Google’s ad business is growing quickly and its search engine ad business continues to prosper.Now, a team of advertising experts is launching a new ad-tech startup, Google Adwords, that is trying to take the business of digital marketing from a traditional ad company to one that is optimized for mobile devices.The […]

Google adwords: Google and Amazon are launching a new partnership in 2018, says a report

Google and the search giant Amazon are planning to launch a new Google-branded product in 2018 that would be a competitor to the likes of Flipkart, Zomato and Shopify, according to an industry source familiar with the matter.The source said the product would be part of Google’s search advertising network, the Google Search Console, which […]

Google, Bing and to combine to boost online ads in 2019

BING (NYSE:BING) is planning to partner with Google to provide ad-free browsing in 2020, the company announced Wednesday.The new partnership, which includes Bing, Amazon and other major online retailers, is part of the push to improve Google’s search and search-related services for consumers.Google said in a blog post that the new partnership would also support […]


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